To unlock all records:
All users must be out of Accounts Receivable, and you must be logged on to the FundWare server as the Local Administrator.

     1.  On the server, select Start, Run.
     2.  Click Browse.
     3.  Browse to FundWare\7.xx\Bin\ClearARLocks.exe. (where XX is your version number) 
     4.  Click Open.
     5.  Add the following, after a space, to the run line at the end of the path:  /d## (where ## is the appropriate division number).
      ***For example the run box will show C:\FundWare\7.60\Bin\ClearARLocks.exe /d02. Click OK.
     6.  This brings up a black DOS window.
     7.  The screen shows the number of rows affected. 
     8.  Exit the command prompt and continue working in FundWare.