Access the PDF Receipts functionality from Control > Administration > View/Edit Org Info. Use it if you have tax requirements in your country.

When you enable PDF Receipts, you control the starting and ending number of receipts issued to supporters when they donate. You can also configure the account to notify you before the ending PDF receipt number is reached. To enable PDF Receipts, you must have administrator access to the account or Virtual Account. With administrator access, you can enable PDF Receipts and configure its settings. If you enable PDF Receipts and do not specify a starting of ending number, the system will assign these default PDF receipt numbers:

  • Starting number = 1. The first receipt created using the PDF functionality will be PDF receipt #1.

  • Send warning at = 999999999. The system will send you an email when the Send warning at PDF receipt has been issued.

  • Ending number = 999999999. After the system issues PDF receipt 999999, it will restart at 1. This is a very large number, which may never be reached during the lifetime of the account.

Note: The system automatically increments the receipt number when it issues or reissues a PDF receipt.

Important: Avoid changing the PDF Receipts range after the system begins to issue PDF receipts. If you change this range and there are overlaps between the original range and the new range, the system will continue to issue receipts using the original range.  For example, if the original range was 1-100, and you change it to 25-100 after the system issued receipts 1-22, the next receipt issued will be 23 and not 25 as you indicated for the new range. Because the new range overlaps the original range, it will be ignored.