Start with creating a Standalone Web page

  1. Go to Content > Stand-alone Webpages

  2. In the resulting page, click New

  3. In the New Webpage window:

  • Enter a name for the Web page

  • Enter a brief description for the Web page

  • For Event Record Access, the System: All Records and System: My Records will be selected if you are permitted to create or modify records in the CRM database

  • Owner shows the name of the person logged into Sphere, and the person who is assigned ownership of this Web page

  1. Click Submit

  • The Content Editor appears so that you can add text and graphics to the Web page.
  1. Add text and graphics to the Web page in the normal view
  2. ​Click Save

​To convert this content to HTML, look at the very bottom of the screen - there is a Normal view and an HTML view

  1. Click the HTML view
  2. ​Highlight all the code (Ctrl + a) and right click and select copy (Ctrl + c)
  3. Go to your event by Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon
  4. Hover over the name of the event and select Website Info
  5. Select the desired location of the HTML, for example: Front Page Customization>Body Text or Event Text>Body Text
  6. Paste the HTML code in the desired area
  7. Save
  8. Go back to the Webinfo Checklist and select the Publish This Event Now button

NOTE:  You can use HTML in many areas of the event set up.  You can use this technique to create the HTML code to use in these different areas.  This is offered as a suggested workaround to help create HTML code.  However, assistance with creating HTML falls outside the scope of Blackbaud Support, so Support cannot assist you with creating specific HTML code you need for an event.