For text typed directly into an eMail or eNewsletter:
  1. To change font size, color, etc:  Highlight the word and use the font icon.
  2. To change cell formatting such as size, background colors, etc – place your mouse in the cell and left click your mouse to place your cursor in the cell. 
  3. Then, Right click your mouse and you will see more menu options to edit. 
    NOTE: There are edit options, formatting options, and table edit options. 

Users who are copying text from a 3rd party program, such as Microsoft Word, may experience formatting issues.  To avoid these types of issues, follow these steps:
  1. Open Notepad, typically found in Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories.
  2. Copy the text from Microsoft Word and paste it into Notepad (Note that this will remove added styles and formatting options that were included in the Microsoft Word version).
  3. Copy the text from Notepad and paste it into your eNewsletter or eMail.