If the credit card number is invalid, the donor gets a notification to use another card or check the card information.

If the card information goes through because the card numbers are correct, but the address or CVV is incorrect, the payment will not be processed.  This is typically caused because the donor's address information does not match the address the bank has on file exactly or incorrect credit card information is entered.  As a result, the transaction attempt fails the address verification check or CVV check. 
  • For address verification example, if the bank has "Avenue" and the user entered "Ave", it would cause the payment to fail if the security setting on the form was 'Require both address and zip/postal code verification'. 
To resolve frequent failed transactions due to address verification, a Sphere administrator may want to edit the Credit Card Verification setting in a form to 'Require address or zip/postal code verification'.  This typically resolves the user's donation experience if the payments fail and maintains a high level of security.

If the donor is returned to the billing information without any error message, check the Compatibility View settings in the browser.