Gifts appear under the Unresolved responses section if gifts given were associated with that Appeal, but not with the specific instance of the mailing. When adding payments for Constituents, the Appeal is selected in the Appeal field under Marketing Information and the Mailing is selected from the Effort field under Marketing Information.

The way responses are calculated are as follows:
  • Total (Direct + Indirect) - This value calculates the total combined Direct and Indirect responses to the Appeal Mailing.
  • Direct - Calculates all Constituents who were in the mailing and have had a payment added to their record with the specified Appeal and Effort selected.
  • Indirect - Calculates all Constituents who were NOT in the mailing but had a payment added to their record with the Appeal and Effort selected.
  • Unresolved - Calculates all Constituents regardless of whether or not they were in the mailing, but had a payment added to their record with ONLY the Appeal selected under Marketing Information.

Please review our user guides for additional information.

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