The time between disbursements allows Blackbaud to ensure that all batches are cleared and have reconciled before being released. This also enables BBMS to deposit money from all major credit cards at the same time. This process further streamlines reporting and reconciliation.

During the disbursement period, the funds are held until a complete reconciliation can be performed. The funds are then released in accordance to the disbursement schedule after each transaction has been fully reconciled.

If a Disbursement is delayed, follow the steps below to troubleshoot:
  1. Please review the BBMS Disbursement Calendar, as transactions are disbursed according to the cycle they fall into
  2. Please note, your bank may take between 3-5 business days to reflect disbursements
  3. Ensure the transaction came through BBMS. If you are unsure, contact Support and reference this article. A Support analyst will follow up with you to determine if the transaction was processed through BBMS
If a specific transaction has not been deposited, please verify it has not been placed in the "Suspect Transactions" tab in the BBMS web portal. If a transaction has been flagged as suspect, the transaction must be accepted before it can be disbursed.