To ensure you have the most accurate data in the system and that an audit trail is maintained, there is no way to delete or modify the contents or a sales order. We recommend refunding the transactions and re-entering them so your data remains accurate in the system or manually adjusting the GL distributions on the payment or order so it appears accurate on your Post to GL file.

To refund an order:
  1. Go to Sales > Refunds
  2. Search for and select the order
  3. Select the items and quantity to refund
  4. Select the payment method to refund
  5. For Reason, select an existing reason or enter in a new reason, such as "Test Transaction"
  6. Click Complete refund

If you would like the ability to edit a sales order in a future feature of Altru, please vote for this Idea on our Community. We encourage you to vote on this post as this is an opportunity to have a voice in the product development process. Our Product Management team uses a variety of methods to determine new features in Altru, and the ideas in the Community is one way they do this, so your vote helps Product Management prioritize the new features that we put into the product.