There is not an option by default in Sphere allows supporters to search for a team like the Support a Participant function. However, you can create a custom menu link to be added to the event's left navigation that will allow the search of teams in your event as well as show a list of all teams. 

1. Copy
2. Replace "99999", in the link, with your event's Event Id.

  • The event ID is located in the event's URL within the Webinfo Checklist

3. Navigate to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon
4. Hover over your event name
5. Click Website Info
6. Click on Website Features
7. Click on the link for Add/Edit Custom Menu Items
8. In the pop-up window enter the Menu Item Name as you want it to be displayed on your event site
9. Paste the new URL into the Menu Item Link field
10. Unmark the checkbox for "Make menu item a pop-up window instead of a link"
11. Click the Add button
12. Scroll to the bottom of Website Features, click Save
13.Go back to Website Info
14. Click Publish This Event Now