Crystal Reports XI

Use the Left() (BB524864) function in a formula to truncate the memo field to the desired number of characters needed. The resulting data will be a string.

Use the ToText() function in a formula to convert the memo to a string.

Crystal Reports 8.5

In version 8.5 it is not possible to use blobs or memos in formulas. You have to parse the field in SQL. You would have to do one of two things to get this to work:
  • Method 1: (Preferred method) If you're using a client/server database like SQL Server or Oracle, create a view or a stored procedure that will split up the memo field. 
  • Method 2: Modify the SQL in your report so that it parses the fields.  The problem with this method occurs if you ever decide to upgrade the version of Crystal that you're using - in v 8.5 and below you could modify the SQL directly but in v 9 and above you can't.  So, in order to upgrade the report it would have to be completely rewritten from scratch.