Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Ensure the query is set up correctly:
    • Verify you are using the correct saved query. Saved queries may have similar names with different parameters.
    • Ensure you are using the correct query type. For example, if you are running an individual query, organizations are not included. Also, if querying on participants, ensure you're using a participant query to capture non constituent participants. Change the query type, if appropriate. 
  2. Criteria in Includes Records Where

    • Compare the filters selected in Include Records Where with the information on the missing or incorrect records to determine whether the records meet the query's criteria. If necessary, adjust the query's criteria or edit the records.
    • Review any negative operators (does not equal, not one of) to ensure they are not excluding any constituents you want included in the query.  
    • If you are trying any records with a certain value, be sure to mark the checkbox "Only return records that do not have a value equal to the selected value."
    • If you must enter text in the Value field (instead of selecting it from a drop-down menu), ensure you enter the text exactly as it appears in the database. For example, enter the exact text of an attribute description.  If there is an option, click Are you looking for an Exact Record and search for the exact record for accuracy.
    • Use the one of operator to filter on multiple values for the same field. Example: To filter on multiple constituency codes, select Constituency, Constituency Code one of Board Member, Alumni, Parent.
    • If filtering on the same field multiple times, consider creating multiple queries and merging them so the filter occurs in each query only once
    • Ensure the combining operators (AND, OR) are used properly. Add parentheses ( ) as necessary when using both operators. For example:

      Constituent Code equals Board Member
      AND (Preferred Zip equals 23456
      OR Preferred Zip equals 23459
      OR Preferred Zip equals 23470)
    • Verify that the constituent is or is not marked as Is inactive, Deceased, or Has no valid address.  Use appropriate filters.

      Other troubleshooting steps:
    • If querying on gifts or constituents entered in a batch, ensure the batch has been committed.
    • Recreated the Query.