Important: When restoring a backup of your database, your current database is overwritten with the restored data: you will lose any and all information that has been entered in the database since the time of the backup. Only restore to a backup if you understand that any subsequent data will be lost.

​Note:  If you are a Raiser's Edge NXT or Financial Edge NXT client please refer to how to restore NXT database .

For your database security and protection, we require an authorization form be completed by a primary contact, site administrator, or other authorized representative. If your database integrates with another application, please also review the following information: What to consider before restoring your database to a previous backup.
  1. Request a backup of your Blackbaud Hosting Services database
  2. Contact Support to request that your database be restored.
  3. Important: All users should log out of all Blackbaud Applications and the Blackbaud Hosting Services environment until confirmation has been received that the restoration process has been complete.
  4. A support analyst will contact you when the process has been completed and users can log back into the Application.
  5. Verify the database information is correct.

Note: If a backup of the database is required and you do not want to lose information that has been entered in your database after a certain time, it is possible to request a backup copy of the database which you can attach to a standalone workstation:
  1. Refer to How to request a backup of your Blackbaud Hosting Services database to obtain a copy of the data.
  2. Set up a stand alone workstation.
  3. Attach the database via the Blackbaud Management Console