Data is missing from the Blackbaud Sphere Connector

An organization has noticed that certain transaction types and data are not coming over to or from Blackbaud Sphere as expected through the Connector after syncing. What transaction types and data are not supported?
Currently, the following data is not yet supported in the Connector:
  • Pledges
  • eCommerce Data (Ecommerce, Opportunity Drawing, Memorial & Tribute, and Auction)
  • A discount code used
  • Reversals
  • Golf Event Registrations
  • Imported/Merged/Output Queries for Queried Contact Lists
  • Team Information (e.g Names)
  • Memberships
  • Relationships

If the missing transactions are not any of the types listed above, confirm the following:

  • Verify the date of the last successful sync by opening up the Connector and going to the Scheduler > Log tab. If needed, initiate a manual sync to bring over any outstanding transactions.
  • If your organization has recently moved from a self-hosted environment to Blackbaud hosting, ensure the Sphere Connector Integration service has been uninstalled from the original server.


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