*Ensure the Query is set to pull the short description instead of the long description (otherwise, the query will pull the name of the 3rd segment instead of the numbers themselves)

We can set up the following first:
1. On the menu bar, select Tools > Options
2. Select the Query Tab
3. Choose Code Tables from the options on the left
4. Ensure the option for " by short description" is marked
5. Click Apply and/or ok

To complete the Query and get our desired results, we can setup the following:
1. In Query, create a New Account Query
2. On the Criteria Tab, select any desired Criteria, such as Account and Status = Active (for example)
3. On the Output Tab, select Account, Account Segments:
4. From this list, choose each one: Fund, Account Code, Department (name of your 3rd segment)
5. On the Sort by Tab, choose Account, Account Number
6. On the Results Tab, choose the Export To Excel button