"Please confirm the following:

All Raiser's Edge records have the Sphere Constituent Identifier.
In Raiser's Edge, make sure the records in the Queried Contact List have the "SphereConstituentIdentifier" on their Attribute tab.

  • If not, please Globally Add the attribute. Click Here to see How to globally add or delete Attributes from records in The Raiser's Edge. 

The correct list has been selected in Raiser's Edge.
Once queried records have been updated with the attribute, select the query from the Connector's Queried Contact List.
Note: If this Contact list already exists in Sphere, it is best to delete it from Contacts>Database Management> Contact Lists before proceeding.

Initiate a sync

The Identifiers match correctly in Raiser's Edge and Sphere
The list should show under Contacts>Database Management> Contact Lists with all records in the Raiser's Edge query.  If you are missing records and they have the Sphere Constituent Identifier attributes on their Raiser's Edge constituent record, then make sure the numeric value matches what is listed in Sphere.  If Sphere has a different numeric number than the Raiser's Edge record, please copy the Sphere Supporter ID and paste it on the Raiser's Edge record for the numeric value.