For 2010 W2  HF333657 was on the Support website under Year-End Downloads. It addressed an issue in editing W-2s. This was corrected for 2011 and included in YESB2011.
If the hot fix was downloaded after YESB2011, the user will get an error pyu 9139 when editing W-2s.  If YESB2011 is installed again, it will work correctly. We are removing HF333657 from the website as it is no longer necessary.  If the user has already extracted, they don't need to extract again - they should just be able to go in and edit.

In certain other instances an old pyu file pair may be left on the system instead of being deleted during the YESB update.
At some point a 9139 error will be generated.
It can be corrected by deleting ##pyu and ##pyu.idx from the data directory and reextracting the data the W-2 Processing, Extract W-2 data.  If preferred, the files can be renamed and deleted later.
If received at the E-file step, after extracting the data again, a new E-file should be created.

The normal routine is that when the extraction step is run, the existing pyu files will be deleted and a new one created.
It has been seen on some systems that this didn't happen and they must then be deleted manually.