In order to Batch Enter T-shirt Sizes, you must use a Custom Event Field to track the size. Follow the steps below to create a Custom Event Field:

1. In Sphere, highlight Contacts, then Database Management 
2. Highlight Field Management.
3. Click Manage Custom Fields.
4. Expand the Custom Event Field folder. 
5. Click Add a Field.
7. Enter a Label for the field, then choose the Data Type (for example, choose Drop Down Box or Text.)
Note: Depending on the Data Type chosen, the next step may ask for a list of selections or number of characters.  For Radio Buttons or Drop Down Box, you may need to compile a list.  For example, a Drop Down Box for a list of eye colors may look like this:

Extra Large
8. Once the list or number of characters is filled in where applicable, click Save.

Next, you can add the Field to your Event by following these steps:

1. Go to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon.
2. Hover over your event and choose Website Info.
3. Click Customize Forms.
4. Select the form that the field needs to be added to (for example, if you are using Batch Entry you would choose the Sphere Registration Entry form.)
5. On the Fields Selection section, click the Custom Event Fields tab.
6. Select the field that needs to be activated for your form.
7. Save and repeat as needed.
8. Click the green Update Event Now button on the Webinfo Checklist.