Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.

Information on what is included in the Email Verification service (BB718926)

Once you have been notified that the file is completed, download the file from FTP (BB45967) into a location you can easily remember such as to your desktop and unzip the file.

1. Create an address attribute (BB515) called Email Verification with a data type of Text
2. Have all other users exit and sign out (BB16633) of The Raiser's Edge
3. Import the address attribute
a. On the Navigation bar, click Admin and select Import
b. Under Constituent, double-click Constituent Address Attribute
c. Select to Import new records and mark the Create new table entries checkbox under Options
d. In the Import file field, browse to the unzipped Email Verification file that was downloaded from the FTP site
e. Select the Use Import ID and Delimited Characters separate the fields options
f. Select the Summary tab
g. Mark the Create exception file of records not updated/imported check box and name the file C:\Exceptions.txt
h. Mark the Create an output query of the records imported box
i. Mark the Create control report checkbox and select the Preview option
j. Leave all other options and tabs set to the defaults
k. Click Import Now to import the Address Attribute
The Email Verification attributes/codes are as follows:
Email Verification CommentEmail Verification Description
VerifiedEmail address is deliverable.
UndeliverableEmail address does not exist, invalid, suspended, over quota or disabled.
Catch AllDomain of email address accepts all mail and it is impossible to determine validity. All mail sent are being forwarded to catchall account. Sending to catchall accounts are not recommended.
Role Or Distribution GroupEmail is associated to common distribution groups. abuse@, sales@, no-reply@, test@ and etc.
MalformedEmail address does not conform to valid email format.
SpamTrapAvoid SpamTrap emails at all cost. Those accounts are kept alive to damage sender reputation.
ComplainerComplainers are commonly users who like to complain after receiving email. Complaints can vary from ISP notification to cease and desist letters. In some rare cases they can also pursue litigation. These are valid addresses but we do not recommend sending mail.
BotBots are email accounts that are maintained by bot servers for sending spam, clicking every link and other harmful or harmless activities.
Seed AccountSeed accounts are known email addresses that are maintained in masses for various reasons. Most commonly they are used for compliance tracking.
UnknownEmail address cannot be verified at the moment. Retrying later may succeed.
SuppressedEmail is in known suppression list. This is only available when advanced validation is enabled on particular list.