How to submit data for Email Verification

1. Create and submit a data file to Blackbaud containing the records to be screened:

  1. Create a query of the constituents to include in the screening.
  • All records need to have a name and email address.
  1. Using the selected records from your query, export the following fields in CSV (comma-separated values) format.
  • Constituent Information - First name
  • Constituent Information - Last name
  • Constituent Information - Constituent Import ID
  • Constituent Information - Key Indicator
  • Phones - Import ID
  • Phones - Phone Number - Email Address
  • Phones - Phone Type
  1. Transfer the file to our FTP site​​.
  2. Email  Provide your Site ID and name of service you would like your file to be screened through (Email Verification).  Results will be returned in 3-5 business days.  You will be informed by an email notification once the results are ready for download.