Files exported from a Report do not default to the Files Folder in the hosted environment

When working in a hosted application within the Reports module, and attempting to export the report, the save location defaults to an incorrect folder, and must be adjusted to save to the Files Folder.
Note: This occurs in Boston, Orange County, and Vancouver data centers

To export the report to the files folder, follow these steps...

1.  From the reports module within the hosted application, process the report.
2.  Click the "Export" button in the top menu bar (button looks like envelope with arrow pointing down)
3.  Select the desired Format of the report, and click "OK"
4.  Select desired Page Range, and click "OK"
5.  Notice the file defaults to a Temp Folder, typically with a random number assigned
6.  To return to the Files Folder, click the "Up one level" or click the "Go to last folder visited" navigation button four times (simply move up in the folder hierarchy four times)
7.  Review the files within the browser window to confirm you see your sites Files Folder, then double click to save your file into the desired folder.



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