In March 2019 Blackbaud announced the retirement of this tool. Customers that have migrated to Raiser's Edge NXT have an expanded set of in-application data and analytics tools. Blackbaud will continue to focus on developing these capabilities and the underlying data services that power this data.

How did the Giving Score tool work?
Giving Score assigns a rating to constituents by applying Smart Analytics to the database, segmenting constituents into four unique groups, and helping identify who is more likely and/or capable to give. The Giving Score number is based on a variety of demographic and financial analysis as well as giving history information from several public and private data sources. Individual records who have a complete, US address (using Preferred State) and are not deceased will be assigned a score. The higher the score, the higher the prospect.  The Giving Score is a directional segmentation strategy and provides users with a starting point in the prospect identification process.
Giving Score

 The Giving Score is a free service available to those who The Raiser's Edge 7.95.6283.2 and higher.

Giving Score Ratings: 

1 - Acquaintance: Low likelihood, Low capacity
These constituents have the lowest capacity to give and are also the least likely to give to your organization. Therefore, we recommend to minimize your investment on this group.

2- Long Shot: Low likelihood, High capacity
This group includes constituents with a high capacity to give, but they may not have any ties to your organization.

3- FAN: High likelihood, Low capacity
This group includes your most loyal supporters and tend to give on an annual basis. They are solid prospects for giving based on affinity for the organization, but are not currently giving large gifts. The highest scoring non-donors are also likely to fall within this quadrant.

4- VIP: High likelihood, High capacity.
This group has the highest likelihood and capacity to give. This includes proven loyal donors as well as newly discovered prospects, and more than likely are your major gift prospects.

No Score: This includes records that do not receive a Giving Score rating: organizations, deceased, incomplete address, address outside of the US (using Preferred State)

What happens after March 2019?
Your organization can continue to keep “Giving Score” data in The Raiser’s Edge past this date, but no new data will be updated in the system after this date.

Why can I still see the Giving Score in my Raiser's Edge?
Blackbaud announced the retirement of the service providing updated data after March 2019. We have not announced the removal date for this service from the software, users may be able too still navigate to and launch this tool after March 2019. This will come in a future release or update to the Raiser's Edge. Users may still be able to send and retrieve data with this service but data will not be updated after this date.

Will data be deleted or removed from my records?
No- the retirement and removal of this feature in Raiser's Edge will not change or remove any data previously retrieved from this service.