1. Locate a payment made through the form.  Use the Payment Details Report and filter by initiative to locate a Payment ID (you will need to select the Payment ID field from the Add Columns link) and the Supporter ID for the transaction.
  2. Go to Contacts>Individuals
  3. Search by Supporter ID = (the supporter you located in the report)
  4. Manage the record
  5. Go to Financial>Transactions
  6. Hover over the Reference ID and select Manage
  7. Click the link to the initiative
  8. In the breadcrumb path at the top (Communities > Forms > YOUR FORM'S NAME> Bookkeeping), click the link for your form's name
  9. Click Manage Website Info
  10. Progress through the three steps (Form Layout, Form Options, Form Customization) by clicking each's link and Save.  Confirm the form's settings are correct.
  11. On the Webinfo Checklist, click the green Publish This Event Now button
  12. Your form should now be preset under Communities > Forms