There are three things to be aware of before you start:
  • The Donation Form must be created under Communities->Forms->Single Step Donation before you begin
  • If any changes are made to the base form (The one located at Communities->Forms->Single Step Donation) then you will need to recreate the custom form in the CMS
  • Currently, in order to pull the form code, you must be working in a unmasked CMS site. The code can be then pulled into a custom form in a masked site, but you will not be able to pull the code for the form in a masked site.

To create the custom form:

  1. In the Site Structure of the CMS, Click Folder View
  2. Click New, then Forms
  3. Select "Donation Form - Custom Single Step"
  4. Click Continue
  5. Name the form
  6. Click Select, and choose the location in the Site Structure for the form
  7. Click the "Custom Donation" tab
  8. Select the form in the Event dropdown
  9. Click "Create" for Custom Donation Form
  10. Name the Content Item, then check "Publish Immediately" and click Create
  11. Now, click "Reload Default Form" This will pull the form code into the content item you just created.