• The options to send Contact Updates and Contact Lists from Connector -> Sphere have been enabled in Sphere under Control > Administration > Connector Sync.
  • A constituent query has been created in The Raiser's Edge including all desired contacts.
  • All constituent records in the Raiser's Edge query contain the SphereConstituentIdentifier attribute. If they do not, please see our Knowledgebase Article for steps to globally add this.
  1. In the Connector, click on Queried Contact Lists
  2. Select the query to go over as a contact list
  3. Open up the Scheduler and initiate a sync
    • Once the sync completes, the list will appear in Sphere as a contact list under Contacts > Database Management > Contacts Lists
  4. Return to Sphere and locate your mailing under Communication > eMail > eMail Campaign
  5. Click the Receivers button for the mailing
  6. In the query editor, expand the Saved Queries folder
  7. Select Static List Library and click Add
  8. Choose your contact list
  9. Click Done
  10. Name your receiver base
  11. Click OK