1. Manage your CMS site
  2. Click Content Management
  3. Click the Content Library link
  4. Expand the appropriate content folder
  5. Click New and complete the appropriate fields as needed.
    1. Properties: Title the Content- This is what you will use as the look up later, when you add the content to the webpage, but will not be viewable through the front end website display.
    2. Content Summary
    3. The Body-This is what will actually be seen from the front end of the website- What you are selecting for display from the webpage.
    4. RSS- This area allows you to add additional attributes that will be pushed out in RSS feeds. These attributes will not be used in any other area of the CMS.
    5. Commenting-If you are allowing for comments on your content, you can establish your display options, security settings (enabling CAPTCHA is recommended to prevent SPAM), and moderation considerations.
    6. Moderating-This allows you to approve or delete comments made to your content.
    7. Advanced options-You can add segments and manage content attributes as needed.
  6. Publish and Update when you are ready.