To publish a new site within BBNC once the site has been built it is fairly simple. There are some key items that must be addressed before BBNC will even give you the option to publish the site to the web.  Below are some items to check to allow you to view the publish button in "Sites".

1.)   Select "Administration" and then "Sites"
2.)   In the left hand pane where the site names are lists select the site you wish to publish
3.)   Select the "Settings" tab
4.)   Under the "Pages" header using the drop downs you must determine the following pages:

          A.   Authorization Failed Page
Home Page
          C.  Privacy Page

5.)   Under the "Registration and Login Options" header using the drop down you must determine the "Member Login Page"
6.)   Select "Save" above the "General" header

Once the page reloads after saving the changes that you have made you will see the "Publish" button appear just above the left hand pane where you can select your site.  Simply select the "publish" button.  Your site is now published and once the DNS record is updated with the registrar user can then navigate to your domain name and browse your new site.