Note: This is only one cause for the errors above.  Situations other than this can also cause similar errors.

The Accounts Payable check format is set up in field 1 for overflow option 1. This can be found in Accounts Payable> Master Records> Check Format. This option causes an additional check form to be printed that only has stub information on it.  After the check was produced, the user logged both forms under the same check number.

It is normally recommended due to other issues in AP check printing that option 2 or 3 be chosen instead of 1.  Option 2 will compress all stub detail that doesn't fit on 1 form to one line. Option 3 will print overflow information in another file to be sent to the vendor along with the check.
For future check production, copy to a test division and correct the overflow option to either a 2 or 3.

Produce a few checks including one that will have enough obligations on it to cause an overflow stub.  This is to make sure changing the option will not impact your operation or check production in some way that is not acceptable to you.

If you then change in your live division, the 23 errors will still occur for checks that were produced under the old setup, but should be fine for any new checks entered.

The checks that were being reconciled when the error occurred show in Integrated Bank Rec as reconciled, but in Fundware AP they still show as paid.To reconcile the checks that are still showing in the paid folder, you will need to use System Utilities to run Program Name: OCW040 Switches 20 and Parameters Blank to mark them as reconciled. To Post them use Program Name: OCW042 Switches Blank Parameters Blank.