The number of user licenses that you have activated determines the number of users that can be logged into your Raiser's Edge (RE), Financial Edge (FE), or Education Edge (EE) database at the same time. When you've purchased additional user licenses, enter the unlock code in your software to activate them; then the additional users will be able to use your software concurrently.
  1. Contact your account manager to purchase additional user licenses.
  2. Your account manager will provide the unlock code for your database, or you can generate the unlock code yourself online using the Unlock Code Generator on
  3. Log into the database server as Supervisor.
  4. Select either Tools > Unlock Add-on modules or Tools > Unlock Optional Modules.
  5. Enter the unlock code in all capital letters and click OK. 

    • If the unlock code is not accepted chat with support and provide your database version and serial number. You can find your database version and serial number by selecting Help > About from your software.

    • If you receive confirmation that the user license has been unlocked and the software doesn't update after signing out and back in, go through the same process on the server.