With everyone logged out of FundWare, follow the steps below to resolve the error:
  1. Reorg the Division. After the reorg, try to post.  If the error occurs, proceed to the steps below:
  2. Ensure that a bank reconciliation is not in process and that there are no ##OCR files in the \FundWare\Data folder.  If OCR files exists and a bank reconciliation is not in process, rename the  ##OCR* files.
  3. Log into System Administration [Division 00], System Utilities, Run the following:
            Program Name: OCW900
            Switches: <Blank>
            Parameters <Blank>
            Enter Yes for Are you sure you want to do this.
  4. Browse to the \FundWare\Data folder and Rename the ##OCD* files.
  5. Browse to \Fundware\7.xx\Bin and run APCheckMaint.exe, making sure it completes.
  6. On the next check run, make sure only one person is in producing and logging checks at the same time.  
If an error is received on the next check run, produce the OTLOG report and Contact Support and reference this article. .