Starting point: You are at your event (Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon > Your Event).

1. Choose Reports > People: All Donors 
2. Click Run Report
3. Change the date range as desired (for example, Last Full Month, or Specific Begin/End)
4. Under Customize Report, add the following filter:
  - Participant Credited Last Name / Not Equal / [leave this field empty]
  - Click Add
5. Click Next
6. On the "Choose columns to display" page, select the following fields:
  - Participant Credited First Name  
  - Participant Credited Last Name   
7. Under "Sorting Preference", select Participant Credited Last Name
8. Finish
9. Choose "No - Run the report immediately and wait for it to complete" and Run Report

This report should populate with all donations made to participants within the specified date range. Please note: this report will not provide the total amount raised during that time frame. To do so, choose the "Export CSV" option to export to Excel. Once this file open, you can use the features in Excel to sum up the totals for each participant for you.