This problem will occur when the registration types for the events have not been mapped. To resolve, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure that all Units have been set up within The Raiser's Edge event to correlate to the Blackbaud Sphere Registration Types (Units are configured through Records > Events > Prices)
  2. If any new Units have been added, send mapping metadata to send this information over to Blackbaud Sphere:
    1. Open the Sphere Connector plug-in and click on Scheduler
    2. Select Configuration > Sphere connection
    3. Mark the checkbox next to Send mapping metadata.
    4. Click Finish to submit The Raiser’s Edge mapping data to Blackbaud Sphere
  3. Map The Raiser's Edge Units with Blackbaud Sphere Event Registration Types
    1. In Blackbaud Sphere, go to Control > Administration > Connector Sync
    2. Click on the Mapping tab
    3. Click on Registration Types
    4. Select a mapped event from the Events tab
    5. Add Mapping for all Units/Registration Types