Error: Invalid object name 'dbo.ATTRIBUTE7D 02A553E15D4AAA B220A206B5B05C39'. Could not use view or function V_QUERY_ ATTRIBUTE 7D02A553E15D4 AAAB220A206 B5B05C39' because of binding errors.

error:  Invalid object name 'dbo.ATTRIBUTE7D02A553E15D4AAAB220A206B5B05C39'. Could not use view or function V_QUERY_ATTRIBUTE7D02A553E15D4AAAB220A206B5B05C39' because of binding errors when querying on an attribute

This issue was caused by a data conversion problem.  If you are experiencing a similar issue, review  How to identify data conversion issues in Blackbaud CRM for more information. 


 2.5.465, 71

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