1. Start by viewing the particpant's record through the initiative (Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon > Your Event > Bookkeeping > Manage Initiative Records)
  2. Click the View Contact Button
    • You are now viewing the master contact record, which is also stored through Contacts>Individuals
  3. Scroll down to the Activities Section or click the Interactions>Activities tabs
  4. The subject line of the emails sent will be present 
    • These can match the templates exactly, but the participant can also edit a template through the HQs. 
    • Templates are located through Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon > Your Event> Webinfo Checklist > Email Center Templates.
Participants can view a log of the emails they have sent by taking the following steps:
  1. Click the Main Login link on the event page and enter your login information
  2. Click the Email Tab
  3. Click View Email History Log