1. Download the KDF file (in your CMS, this is found in Administer > Site Design)
  2. Open this up in a program such as Dreamweaver or Notepad
  3. Add a new "layout" 
    • This requires adding a line such as <layoutarea name="Title" value="5" />
    • Place this line at the bottom of the list of layouts within your KDF file
    • Note: Make sure to change the Title to "No Search" (or something similar) and make sure the "value" is a unique number not already in use
  4. Save and upload the .KDF file back into your CMS site
  5. Download your default KTF
  6. Add "no robot" meta tags to the head section of the file:
    •  Note: In the html head section, you should see other meta tags -- place this next to them
  7. Upload this to the new layout area under Administer > Site Design
  8. Once this has been done, apply it to the web features that you don't want to appear in searches
    • This is done under the Advanced > Design tabs on the features themselves