To check the version of F9 you are using:

1. Open Excel.
2. When asked, enter your F9 user ID and password.
3. Select F9, Version from the F9 toolbar.
4. The three lines should read as follows:
• Excel F9 Client Version
• Excel
• F9 Server Version
If the version lines do not match this information, you may want to download the current version from the Support Website.  Your old version likely has numbers with 4.0.#.# on the version lines.

Anyone installing the new release will need to get a client-specific serial number to activate the product. You may currently contact Support to get a number. The product may be used for 30 days prior to needing the number.

This F9 version will also work on FundWare Revision 7.70 on a 64 bit Operating system. However, Office 2010 must be the 32 bit version, not 64 bit.