How to create a registration+donation batch template for FAF event

In a Kinterathon event, an administrator can create a batch entry template for registrations along with donations for CSV file import. 

Please note, the registration+donation batch template will only import the registration information from the file.  Donations will need to be manually entered through the "Add Donation" button of the template.

Please note, the template is not available for edit after it is created. If changes need to be made to the template, a new template will need to be created.

Step 1: Create a batch template

  1. Highlight the event’s name and then select Bookkeeping.
  2. Under Add Batch Transactions, click Batch Entry System
  3. Click New Batch Template.
  4. Complete Step 1: Set up a template as follows:
    1. For Template name, enter a name for the batch template.
    2. For Type, select the type of batch you are creating.
    3. Created shows the current date and time information.
    4. Author shows the name of the user currently logged into the account.
    5. For Description, enter a brief description for the batch (for example, Registration Batch Template).
  5. Click Next.
  6. Complete Step 2: Select the fields for the Batch as follows
    • In Available Fields List, select the fields you want to include in the batch template and then click Add to copy the field to Fields for Batch.
    • Note: You can select more than one field at a time by pressing the Ctrl key on the keyboard as you select each field. Include all fields you consider to be important and which will be included in the template. All fields in Fields for Batch that are shown within parentheses are required, and fields within brackets are custom fields. When you select Donations or Registration + Donations, you will have to add the necessary fields for these template types in the appropriate pages that appear.
    • Important: Do not include the online_credit_cards field in Fields for Batch. If you include this field, you will not be able to create a new CSV import
    • Note: If the custom field you are looking for is not on the list of available fields you must activate it on the Sphere Entry form which you access via Website Info in Customize Forms.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Complete Step 3: Set up Defaults for the Fields.  For each field you want to have a default value, enter their value.
  9. Click Finish when done.
  10. Create a CSV Import batch as described below, if applicable.

 Step 2: Create a CSV Import batch

  1. In the Batch Entry page, highlight the template’s name and then select Batch Entry. 
  2. Click New .CSV Import Batch.
  3. The Import CSV page opens. The list box shows all of the fields you selected when you created the batch template.
  4. Select the check box.
  5. Most likely, the .csv file contains a header row with field titles. Checking this box will enable the import tool to ignore the first row of information in the file.
  6. Browse for the CSV file you created.
  7. For  Options for Mapping fields, make your selection as follows:
  8. Select No if you want Sphere to automatically map the fields in your batch file with corresponding fields in Sphere.
  9. Select Yes if you want to manually map the fields.
  10. Click Submit.
  11. If you selected No in step 5 above, go to step 8 below.
  12. If you selected Yes, the Map the fields page opens within which you can map each field. Complete the page as follows:
    • For each field in your CSV file, select the corresponding field in Sphere. For example, if you have a field named Payment Date map this field to Sphere’s Payment Date field by selecting it from the drop-down list box. Do this for all fields in your CSV file that you want to map to fields in Sphere.
    • For Options for registration_type, make your selection as follows:
  13. Choose the Check if you want to map to registration_type option if you have a Registration Type field in your CSV file, and then select Registration Type from the drop-down list box.
  14. Choose the Check if you want to set default value option if you have the Registration Type field in your CSV file, but the field does not contain any data. In the drop-down list box, select the value that will be the default. For the Size field, select any default values if this field is included in your CSV file.
  15. Click Import Now
  16. The New/Uncommitted Batch Entry page opens. To avoid entering duplicate information in the database, first search the database for the contact records. If you are entering transactions for existing contact records, search for the records so that you can link the new transaction to the records. You can also enter information manually in the batch.
  17. Click the Search icon for each batch entry row to locate the contact record in the database that you will add to the batch, or enter the information directly in the row. For example, you may have an existing contact record for which you are entering gift data, or a contact record for which you are entering registration information; or you may be creating a new contact record.
  18. Click Save & Validate to verify that you have entered the necessary information in each row for the type of batch you are creating.
  19. Click Commit when you are ready to create the batch. It is during the commit process that the data will be written to the database.
  20. In the pop up window, confirm that you want to write the data to Sphere.
  21. The Process Batch Records page opens to notify you that the batch is scheduled for processing. Depending on the amount of information and network status, this process may take a while to complete.
  22. Click Back to Manage Batch.
  23. The Manage Batch: Event Bookkeeping Batch Template page opens, and shows the status of the batch in the list. While the batch is waiting to be processed, the status will be Waiting to be processed. When it is processed, the status will be Processed.
  24. If necessary, click Update Batch Status to update the Status column. Alternatively, you can refresh the browser window.
Step 3: View batch status
  1. After the batch completes, highlight the batch’s name and select Statistics.
  2. Verify that the total number of records entered in the batch was written to the database without errors.
  3. Click Send Email Confirmation if you want to send email confirmation to the contacts that are included in the batch, if their email addresses were included in the batch.
  4. Click Bookkeeping in the Breadcrumb.
  5. Click Manage Initiative Records under Edit Transactions. For Show Me, click the appropriate option to verify that the records were successfully entered into the database.


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