1. Edit the form
  2. Click the Add Fields button
  3. Choose Applicant or Student from the drop down menu for Map Fields to:
  4. Choose Individual Relationship from the drop down menu for Field Set 
  5. Enter a name for the relationship in the Name field
  6. Click Save. This will now add a set of  fields to the list on the left in the form designer and it will be named whatever was entered in the Name field.
  7. Expand the relationship field by clicking the +
  8. Expand the relationship for the (Relationship) field by clicking the +
  9. Drag and drop Relationship and/or Reciprocal Relationship to the form editor
  10. Click the pencil to edit the relationship fields
  11. Mark the checkboxes under list values to select available relationship types
  12. Click Save
  13. Click Save for the form