Rejection code of 'Not Processed' appearing in Batch

When processing a batch of credit card transactions when uisng IATS, the following error message appears:

Error: The Raiser's Edge cannot connect to the Blackbaud Payment Service. For the secure storage of new or edited credit card information, The Raiser's Edge requires a connection to the Blackbaud Payment Service.  Please check your internet connection and attempt to save the record again. 

A Rejection Code is returned and appears in Raiser's Edge as 'Not Processed'.  This can happen both intermittently when authorizing batches as well as each time.
Do not attempt to re-authorize the transactions.  While the rejection code indicates that the transactions were "Not Processed" the cards have been submitted for processing and may have been charged.  It is the approved/declined response from the gateway that is not processed.  Attempting to process the batch again can result in donors being charged multiple times, requiring refunds.

Access your payment gateway to determine if the transactions were processed.  If using Blackbaud Merchant Services, the transactions will appear with a status of "Not Processed." The authorization and decline codes will be transmitted overnight and available the next day when you log in to your payment gateway web portal or batch.

Review BB716148 for additional information.n.



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