This topic discusses how to diagnose one potential cause of slow site performance.  Please note that many other factors will influence site performance.

Bad route/hops:
Failed connections along what is referred to as the "route" that your request makes to get from your location to the web server and back can impeded site performance speed.  Along the way to the server the request makes several "hops" from ISP (Internet Service Provider) to ISP.  If these hops fail then an alternate route must be sought which causes a delay in the data that you requested being returned to you.  The higher number of failed hops the longer it will take to load the page you requested.  This can directly correlate to delays when signing into BBNC.

To see if this may be the reason for your site loading slowly follow the below instructions to perform a trace route test:
1.  Select Start and then Run
2.  In the Run dialog box type "cmd" and press enter on the keyboard or select OK
3.  Once the terminal window is displayed type "tracert YOURDOMAINNAMEHERE" and press enter
4.  Allow the test to complete 

Once the trace route test is complete review your results.  If there are a large number of failed hops it may be an indication that some ISPs along the route are having some network issues which in turn are causing your site to load slowly.
Record your results and consult with your network administration team and/or ISP to determine if route improvements can be made.

For additional information about using the Tracert utility, see these resources:
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