Create a registration type for the participant and the virtual participant.  Configure Registration Fees as follows:

  1. Through the Webinfo Checklist, Click Fee Structure
  2. Click Add Registration Type.
  3. General Information tab:
    1. For Name, enter a name for the registration type (for example, First Place, Second Place, and so on).
    2. For Description, enter a brief description describing the registration type.
  4. Select the Payment Information tab.
    1. For Any there any fees to participate for this activity?, click Yes or No. If you click Yes, complete the other fields in the window, as necessary.
    2. Click Single Payment if you plan to receive registration fees in one lump sum. Enter the registration fee for the event, the start date when late fees will be added to the registration fee for participants who register late (in the format shown), and any penalties (in USD) that will be added to the registration fee. Enter dollar amounts with no dollar sign ($) and without commas (for example, 25).
    3. Click Installment Payment  if you plan to receive the registration fee in partial payments. In Payment Frequency, specify of often you expect to receive partial payments until full registration is paid; in Number of Payments, specify how many payments the participant will make for the frequency selected; and then either enter the total amount expected, or the amount of payment  accepted according to the payment frequency.
  5. Advanced tab:
    • Note: In the Advanced tab, configure for the fundraising event including gifts you will give to the event participants, age requirement for event participants, and fundraising goals, if you did not configure it when you configured Event Information.
    1. Select the Sphere Only check box.
    2. If you plan to hand out T-shirts during the event, select the appropriate Size check box, and specify any fees you plan to charge for the T-shirts (if any).
    3. Select the Make T-Shirt Field Required to enforce selection of a T-shirt on the event page.
    4. For Gift Value, specify how much the T-shirt gift is worth.
    5. Configure Fundraising Goal if needed.
    6. For Age Limit, specify the minimum and maximum age for event participants.
    7. For Auto-Segmentation, click the Click to assign segment link to open the Registration Type - Auto-Segmentation window, and then select the segment to which you want to associate the event.
  6. Click Save to accept all changes and return to the Participant Registration Information page.