How to delete a pledge payment entered on a contact record

A pledge was entered on a contact record and now there is a line for the pledge and the payment.  This solution describes the process for removing the pledge payments. 
The payment is listed on the contact record, but no where in the initiative
Advised they entered it on the contact record, not through the event
To resolve, you need to adjust each pledge to $0 and confirm it through the event
  1. Go to Contacts>Individuals
  2. Search for the donor
  3. Manage his or her record
  4. Select Financial: Transactions
  5. Manage the 'Payment'
  6. Click Edit> Adjust
  7. Change received amount to 0 and pledge to 0
  8. Enter content in Edit Notes
  9. Click Save
  10. On the Financial: Transactions page, manage the 'Pledge' payment
  11. Click Edit> Adjust
  12. Change the installment amount to $0
  13. Enter content in Edit Notes
  14. Click Save
If the payment doesn't allow you to to adjust the amount received to $0, please make a case on Case Central. 



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