Make sure that the following are set correctly:
  1. The current season as defined in the Athletics Manager part matches the season defined for the Team
    • Check the current season for the athletic manager part:
      1. Go to the page with the Athletic Manager part on it 
      2. Choose Settings from the drop down menu for the Manage field
      3. Note the value for Current Season field. This value should be changed if not listed as the current year.
    • Check the season for the team: 
      1. Go to the Athletic Manager page 
      2. Choose Teams from the drop down menu for the Manage field
      3. Click Edit link beside the team
      4. Choose the same value for the Season field as the value specified as the current season in the athletic manager part 
  2. The team page has been published by the team page owner
    1. ​Log in to the site as the page owner 
    2. Navigate to the page with a Campus Page Manager part on it
    3. Click the link for the team page from the menu 
    4. Click Edit this Page link in the menu for the Campus Page Manager Part. This is not the same button that is in the blue admin bar at the top of the page. 
    5. Mark the checkbox for Publish it Now
    6. Click Save
  3. The student in question exists on the team roster
    1. ​Modify the roster to verify that the student exists in the roster