By default in the software, due to Preview mode being for testing purposes only/test data. If you have accidentally entered real transactions in a Kinterathon event while it was in Preview mode then switched it to Active mode only to notice they are no longer there,  Chat with Support and reference this article. 

Note:  Preview data may not be able to be restored by the database team after moving an event to Active mode.

In efforts to have the transactions/data restored, you can run a few reports to collect the necessary information. If there is a $0 registration fee, you can re-register the participants through Bookkeeping. We suggest running the following reports in the KinteraThon event and selecting the appropriate column headers, if applicable, (ex: supporter id, registration type, team name and captain, fundraising goal, webfriendly url or username, etc):
  • People: All Donors
  • People: All Teams
  • People: All Participants or People: Registration Purchases