These instructions require that you have experience working with KTF files, basic HTML and the use of an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or a Text editor like Notepad.  If you are not comfortable with performing these instructions then please do not attempt to execute them and contact a member of your IT department to assist you.
Prepare the ICO file
* You must first make sure that the ICO file has the proper format and specifications
* You can not use or rename an image file like a BMP or JPG file
* There is a lot of ICO file-creating tools both software and freeware
* Once you've created the ICO file you will rename it FAVICON.ICO
* Now upload this file to the File library in CMS
* Once you uploaded the ICO file - Click on Edit
* Get the whole URL for the ICO file - Example:{12345678-ABCD-1234-WYXZ-012345678912}/FAVICON.ICO <>
* Keep this URL in sight or copy and paste it to a notepad window
Prepare the KTF file
* The KTF file can be found in the File Library of your CMS website
* The file will have the extension KTF i.e. Default.ktf
* Save this file in your local hard drive
* Open an HTML or Text editor and open the KTF file
* You will add the following statement just below the <head> tag:
<link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="Your FAVICON.ICO link" type="image/x-icon" />
* Now replace "Your FAVICON.ICO link" with the URL of your ICO file like this:
<link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="/atf/cf/{12345678-ABCD-1234-WYXZ-012345678912}/FAVICON.ICO" type="image/x-icon" />
* Keep in mind that the "<>" was removed
* You can re-save your KTF file (An alternate name is recommended)
Applying the KTF and FAVICON.ICO updates to the website
* Access the "Administer" tab in CMS
* On the Site Design tab - click on edit
* Find the "Default Layout" option and CLEAR whatever is being currently used
* Click to upload your newly updated KTF file
* Once the file is uploaded you will click the to "Update"
* And now your website URL will be changed to show your icon in the URL address.
* Only staff with appropriate access, skills and experience should perform these changes
* Making ANY changes to the KTF file beyond these instructions IS NOT recommended
* In Internet Explorer - You must clear your browsing 'history' to see the icon change
* It is not guaranteed that the Internet Explorer will always display the new icon
* The Firefox browser does not require any adjustments