Ensure that each of these areas is set up: 

In Sphere:
  1. Create the fund (BB710200),  campaign (BB710184) and appeal
  2. Associate the fund to the campaign:
    1. In the Preset funds listed below drop-down, you can set all funds to one rule.
    2. For Gift Entry Rules, each fund must have a selection:
    3. Make the default fund at gift entry - select the fund that will be used as the default for the campaign. Note: One fund (and only one fund) must be set to this selection.
    4. Cannot be related to this Campaign - this fund can never be associated with this campaign when transactions are entered into Sphere.
    5. Available for selection at Gift Entry - this fund can be associated with this campaign.
    6. Available for gift entry on an exception basis - the exception is defined by your organization and not mandated in Sphere.
    7. Click Next to select a Prospect List to define the prospects for this campaign (who you will solicit). 
  3. If there should be an appeal on the transaction –set up a source code.  This is because a source code can be used to map to The Raiser's Edge appeals through the use of Packages.
  4. Navigate to the form or event, mouse over the name, then click Properties.
  5. Make certain to assign the correct fund, campaign and source code
In The Raiser's Edge:
  1. Create a fund, campaign, appeal (BB79401) and package (BB25321)
  2. Important: Link the campaign and fund through Giving Hierarchy tab of the campaign:
    • In the campaign, select the Giving Hierarchy tab.
    • Click the small down arrow next to Add New Fund.
    • Select Add New Fund or Add Existing Fund.
    • Search for the fund name, Ok
Map the fields:
  1. Navigate to Control > Administration > Connector Sync  
  2. Choose the Mapping tab
  3. Click the Funds tab, then map the corresponding funds from each database as needed.
  4. Repeat step 3 for the Campaigns and Appeals tabs
  5. Select the Source Codes tab
  6. From “The Raiser’s Edge Appeal” drop-down menu, choose the appropriate appeal
  7. This will populate any related Packages
  8. Map the package to the source code as needed