1. Select Netsolutions, Manage NetInquiry pages.
  2. Select the desired page.
  3. Click Next until you reach the Miscellaneous page.
  4. Click Customize layout.
  5. Remove the hyperlink from the email.
  6. Expand Web Pages and select <New Web page Link>.
  7. Enter the Description and Address to be used in the Hyperlink.
  8. Click OK and Save and Close the Confirmation window.
If this Error occurs with a NetDonors page,
  1. Log into The Raiser's Edge and go to NetSolutions.
  2. Click on Configure and Customize.
  3. Go to the Site Map/Links tab.
  4. Select the link for the desired page.
  5. Copy the URL and see if you receive better same results when pasting this into your browser. If this link works, provide this to your web administrator to insert this URL into the hyperlink on the web page.