After Generating a Header File (for Membership Cards, Group Sales Contracts, Tribute Acknowledgements, and one-off Constituent Letters,) create a letter template by completing the following steps:
  1. Open an existing Microsoft Word document or create a new one
  2. Perform a mail merge using a header file downloaded from Altru
  3. Follow steps 1-3 in the merge wizard, select the CSV header file when prompted to select a recipient list in step 3
  4. Create the content of the letter and insert merge fields
  5. Save and close the Word document

For more on generating the header file and configuring templates for Event invitations, please refer to How to send invitations for a fundraising event (includes video demo).

For more on generating the header file and configuring letter templates for Membership Renewal Notice Letters, please refer to How to configure and run membership renewals (includes video demo).

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