To map volunteer information into Raiser's Edge you will need to ensure that there are fields created in Raiser's Edge, and run a sync to send the metadata to Sphere to enable them to be matched up. To do this, perform the following steps:

1. Click the Sphere button in Raiser's Edge
2. Click Scheduler
3. Go to Configuration and select Sphere Connection
4. Check the box for Send Mapping Metadata
5. Click Finish

The process of sending your data to Sphere has started. You will need to wait for it to complete before moving on.

Once the metadata is sent to Sphere from Raiser's Edge, you will need to map the fields in Sphere to the fields from Raiser's Edge. To set this up do the following:

1. Go into Sphere
2. Go to Control > Administration > Connector Synch
3. Click on the Mapping tab
4. Click on the Custom Profile Fields sub-tab
5. Match up the Raiser's Edge Constituent Attributes to the Sphere Custom Profile Fields
6. Click on the Custom Event Fields sub-tab
7. Match up the Raiser's Edge Gift Attributes to the Sphere Custom Event Fields

You should then be able to go into Raiser's Edge, click the Sphere button, click Scheduler, and Initiate Manual Sync now.  Or wait for the next scheduled sync to take place.  This data should then be available in the Sphere Connector to review and commit into Raiser's Edge.