If these errors are found, you should open a case for assistance.
Correction steps are dependent on the file name and the error number, other than errors 1 or 2.

ERROR            COMMENT

1.                       Could not allocate memory for input buffer.
                          This is very unlikely and would indicate a serious shortage of memory or disk space.

2.                       Could not open input file.
                          The data file is locked by another process. Make sure no one is in Fundware. The true file size will not show in this case.

3.                       Input file is not Microfocus format.
                          There are files in the data directory that aren’t microfocus files, but it could also indicate a corrupted file.  Refer to file list.

4.                      No records in input file.
                         This means that just the 128 byte file header is present with no data records. It can be a file that is legitimately empty, or it could be a problem. Refer to file list.

5.                     Could not open output file.
                        This could be due to a disk space problem or security issue. The user should have rights to all the directories that File Maintenance will use.  Can also occur if users are signed into FundWare.  

6.                     File contains one or more incomplete records.
                        This means that the file is corrupt. The utility checks to see if the record length can be divided evenly into the size minus the 128 byte header. If the calculation results in a remainder, then this error is raised.

7.                     Processed record count mis-match.
                        This is one of the most common errors reported when the file is corrupt. It means the number of records processed doesn’t match the number of records in the file. In this case, there will normally be  a      number in the “Sys Rec” column.

8.                     Error Reported from MicroFocus Rebuild.
                        This means that Rebuild.exe returned an error to File Maintenance.
                        Most often this error is caused by the path to the results directory having spaces, underscores, or being too long. If the issue is a pathing issue, it will come up for any files being reorged. Change the path   name to have no spaces or underscores or shorten it.

9.                     No records processed.
                        This could be any number of causes, but the File Maintenance Utility could not process any records in the file.

10.                   Could not open log file.  Similar to error 5.