The Blackbaud Sphere Connector is taking a long time to complete a sync

When syncing data between Blackbaud Sphere and Raiser's Edge through the Blackbaud Sphere Connector, the process time for syncing has started to increase.

The Blackbaud Sphere Connector utilizes the same server for all organizations using the Connector. Sync times can depend on a number of factors including number of transactions and updates and the number of organizations syncing at that particular time. Sync times up to several hours are not uncommon.  

If you are hosted on your own server for the Connector you will want to make sure all instances of the Connector on the server and on the workstations have the same version and have the most recent version installed. This may reduce your sync time.

If the Connector is taking an abnormally long time to sync:
Chat With Support and reference this article. 

Include the following information:
  • Last Successful Sync #
  • Last Successful Sync Start Time
  • Last Successful Sync Finish Time
  • Last Successful Sync Date
  • Include screenshots of any error messages you are seeing in the log tab in the Scheduler
  • The log files on the server for the last successful sync and any failed syncs.  Traditionally, these are stored in a path similar to C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\The Raisers Edge 7\Custom\Service\Data\logs



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